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Does Villanova player Donte DiVincenzo get a pass for dropping n-word tweet? - theGrio

Villanova's Donte DiVincenzo was just named the Most Outstanding Player of the Final Four, but his old tweets where he drops the n-word and gay slurs are making headlines today.
Donte DiVincenzo

Alabama student expelled after using 'n-word' in social media videos

NBC News
A white University of Alabama student has been expelled after posting videos on social media using the 'n-word' over Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday weekend.

MSU students are calling for this sophomore’s expulsion after she made several racist comments

Michigan State
Jillian Kirk repeatedly used the N-word across her social media accounts
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Getting the skinny on Twitter's 'Cisco Fatty'
Connor Riley, the college student who snubbed a job offer on Twitter and was scorned by many, says she'll be more careful in the future using the very public, short messaging service.

How a joke, and Mike Cernovich, got Sam Seder booted from MSNBC

In 2009, Sam Seder told a vulgar joke on Twitter that would eventually cost him a job he didn't yet have -- and make him a target of a movement that didn't yet exist.

The year of deleted tweets

The Verge

Tweet of Metro worker eating on train could cost DC author her book deal

Washington's Top News
When D.C. author Natasha Tynes tweeted about a Metro employee’s apparent rule violation on Friday, she didn’t realize her book deal would be in jeopardy as a result. Tynes tagged WMATA in a tweet regarding an employee in uniform breaking a rule by eating on the train. The controversy on Twitter, however, began quickly, with several people commenting on the race and gender of the employee.
WMATA employees help direct commuters on the Silver Line. (WTOP/Kristi King)

For Penn State coaches, scouring social media is a recruiting requirement
Ja’Juan Seider, Penn State’s running backs coach, scrolls through two phones daily as recruiting tools, often to his wife’s exasperation. He does so for this reason. “The one day you don’t scroll,” Seider said, “is the one day you’re too late.”