Quality • Integrity • Civility

What is Civil Record?

Civil Record helps improve the quality and integrity of student social media profiles. Using cutting-edge incivility monitoring, it helps students understand what undesirable discourse looks like on social media, and helps them clean it up. For institutions, Civil Record helps ensure that the social media profiles of its graduates match the quality of the institution.

How Does it Work for Students?

Civil Record monitors the public social media profiles of students. Each message is assessed against world class artificial intelligence designed to specifically detect undesirable social media behavior, including: inflammatory content, hate, insults, obscenity and threats. On first use, students are provided with a full-report of all their past behavior. From then on, Civil Record gives students the option to receive monitoring and reports through graduation.

How Does it Work for Institutions?

We here at Civil Record believe that students have the best intentions, but sometimes, often do to the lack of education and literacy, students post messages that could be conceived as off-color or uncivil. Civil Record is an intervention tool for higher-education advancement staff. Civil Record notifies administrators when students post hate and threats instantly, giving administrators the ability to intervene before a social media post goes viral.

It also helps offer a valuable career service. HR departments all around the country inspect social media profiles for undesirable behavior, often disqualifying students with questionable content. Young professionals can have careers derailed by tweets they sent years ago. Civil Record ensures that students on the job market have quality, civil public social media profiles, bolstering their chances in the ever competitive job market, and protecting them from future damage.

Who are we?

Civil Record was created by professors and academic engineers for higher education. Civil Record was born out of our academic research, and specifically inside of that a desire to make measures of social media incivility better. We all bring different things to the table.

Chris J. Vargo

Chris (Ph.D. University of North Carolina Chapel Hill) is an Assistant Professor and computational social scientist at the University of Colorado Boulder in the College of Media, Communication and Information. He specializes in social media analytics, machine learning and computer-assisted content analysis. Chris’s goal with Civil Record is to apply social science rigor and accuracy to Civil Record’s artificial intelligence abilities.

Toby Hopp

Toby Hopp (Ph.D., University of Oregon) is an assistant professor at the University of Colorado Boulder. Hopp’s research interests are broadly related to the uses and effects of digital and interactive media, the social and motivational factors that underlie uncivil online communication, and organizational transparency. Toby is the subject matter expert when it comes to incivility and all its forms.

Scott Bradley

Scott Bradley is our lead developer and business strategist. He’s currently a senior engineer at the Knight Lab at Northwestern University. He has engineering and computer science degrees from Purdue and DePaul, and focuses AI, NLP & web solutions for science and media. Scott builds pretty much everything you see and interact with at Civil Record.